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@Travel Agent:

It's the second time that I am booking directly with the US-agency.

But to be honest: with an experienced cruise consultant such disappointments should not happen as they normally should know BASIC differences between NCL Bahamas (NORWEGIAN xxx-Fleet) and NCL USA (PRIDE OF xxx-Fleet). All differences between the two brands are discussed here frequently.

So I really hope that I never book with you - if you are unable to recommend yourself a good cruise.

If you know everthing better and smarter: why have not you been smarter to arrange a flight at convenient time on your own account?

You better should charter a ship and run it if you know everything better!

@Dave Beer:

It's great that you deleted the names. There is still one name in item 3. of the letter. Maybe you can delete it as well to avoid problems to him/her.

A clear case of too high and wrong expectations!!!