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Originally posted by familycruisin:
I think you are missing the most important point and that is one of BASIC COURTESY. When you are spending thousands of dollars on a vacation, ANY request that you make as a customer deserves a response. That is called "customer service", or you could call it simple "decency". We have found Princess Cruises to have the worst customer service of any of the cruise lines. They are rude and arrogant as veterancruiser39 has discovered. A letter, phone call, fax or email to the customer would have at least addressed his/ her request no matter how unreasonable some may think it was. PRINCESS IS BAD, VERY BAD!
Although I agree with familycruisin about the simple decency of a reply I'm going to do something that's completely new for me and stand up for PCL customer Service. Never thought I'd ever do that as I agree that their service off the ship (at their corporate Office level) was at one time the worst in the industry and is still in need of improvement.

When a cruise is in penalty the cruiseline is not in a position to have to offer anything for "issues". Sounds like there had become a patern of issues for the original poster. A South America sailing that PCL ate the penalty on. Now another issue with a request for compensation because "I have 38 cruises with them" (implying that now the poster deserves special treatment). You'd be amazed how often the "I'm a past cruiser with X sailings" is used as leverage almost as a threat in many cases. First of all, that is the worst way to approach a company that has tens of thousands of past passengers and future passengers are every bit as important to their business, maybe more so since they know the loyal past client likes their product already and has a pre-disposition to sail with them over their competition. They hold all the cards in the matter being addressed, you're asking for them to make an exception to the norm when you ask for special treatment for an issue. They offered compensation, again, they didn't have to make the offer. The offer they made was rejected in an attempt to get more, a free upgrade. They should have responded to the counter offer, no doubt. By this point though I understand the cruiselines position that now there would be no compensation, nothing is good enough. They gave a full refund on a prior sailing, WAY above and beyond in a full penalty situation to keep them happy once (this is very, very rare indeed). Then the very next sailing there are more requests for special treatment. PCL again goes above and beyond and makes an offer that the client rejects. At some point PCL has to decide this client is unreasonable and worth losing. Not knowing many details I'm not saying their decision was the right one but if I were in the position they were in with the record of notes in the system showing a patern like this I'm not sure I'd have done a thing different other than, I'd have responded. The result would have no doubt been the same. A client who felt I was in the wrong and he was far more valuable than the rules in place and he'd have still written bad things about me on here and moved on.

I've criticized princess Customer Service on here before myself. It was horrible just a short time ago, the worst in the industry by far. They have made some changes recently and are beginning to show they do care about the issue and are addressing it. They have implimented a new survey system for incoming calls to track the performance of their agents. They have softened theor tone of snapping at clients and outside agents who ask for special consideration for issues that sometimes arise and need to be addressed. They don't immediately read the script from the screen when you ask for personalized attention to something. They actually get a supervisor involved to discuss the situation. They are by no means the best out there for customer service... yet. But they are trying like never before. I give them credit for recognizing there was a problem and making a sincere effort to address and fix it. Sorry for writing a book on the subject.

Cheers, Neil