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Any real negitives on the Rotterdam for a world cruise?
Absolutely not! I sailed her from Valparaiso around Cape Horn to Rio last December. Off the Falklands, we experienced 30 foot seas with a 75 knot wind across our bow. She rode the seas very nicely and we were able to enjoy our breakfast in the dining room. We had the pleasure of sailing in a Deluxe Veranda Suite (S7038) and our friends (see below) were next door in (S7036) so we had the steward open the door between the verandas. On longer cruises, the space in those suites with their larger verandas are, IMHO, well worth the added cost. Also, access to the Neptune Lounge and the concierge service (not to mention the free cappuccinos, cookies and other goodies) is priceless!

We sailed her predecessor 20 years ago to Caracas. She was quite a ship. Thanks to the daughter of our sailing companions (who made friends with all of the eligible Dutch officers within hours of boarding every HA ship we sailed) we were given a tour of the engine room. That was fun!

With that said, I think the World Cruise on the Princendam would be fabulous - she's on my list of "to dos"!