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I can give you very detailed info on all of those ports but will limit myself to the Amalfi question and leave the others to other board members for now. Can you do Pompeii and the Amalfi coast on your own? Given you level of European travel experience the quick answer is NO. Pompeii can easily be done on your own, but the Amalfi Coast is pretty long trip that must be made by car or bus. Although we will often just rent a car and drive ourselves (cheapest option) this is not a good idea for those unfamilier with the region and not used to driving in Italy). If you do not want to take a cruise line tour you might consider arranging for a private car/driver on-line. There are quite a few local companies that will accomodate your request of you can simply negotiate with a taxi when you arrive at the port. Expect to pay about 300 Euros (this is very negotiable) for a taxi for the entire day, but this is a pretty good deal if you can find another couple to share the cost. I would suggest stopping in Pompeii on your way to the Amalfi coast and than you can plan on having lunch in Positano or even Ravello (great view above Amalfi). All the other ports can be managed on your own, but you will need to do your pre-trip homework.