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It's good that a strong work ethic is alive and well. I see it each time I board a ship. Our Filipino waiter on Rhapsody was working everywhere I went. I'd hit the dining room for breakfast and there he'd be with a great big smlie. I'd see him in the buffet, I'd see him every night for dinner and when they had the big midnight food and ice carving thing, there he was, still smiling and joking. I loved his humor and he was able to get away with jokes that would offend many without it ever sounding demeaning coming from him. My favorite line of his was when I asked if he ever got time off. He said "I'm trying to get my green card and want desperatly to come to America. I need a corporate sponsor to offer me a long term job so I can quit working so hard and become a lazy American." If just about anyone else alive had said that to me I wouldn't have found the humor in it. But with him, I knew it was his way of joking about the stereotype and the crew having to deal with all types, including the ones the stereotype is based on, over the years. I simply loved the fact that he saw the good old USA as a place of oportunity and better prosperity for him and his family. I hope one day he gets that opportunity to become a lazy American!

Cheers, Neil