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Ok I will tell you exactly what the travel agent told me after my first cruise, it was my honeymoon also.
You love it, now you are hook
Is a sickness and as if, you need a prescription a new cruise…LOL
Maybe you should try another cruise line
I have traveled with:
• Carnival Destiny ( honeymoon)

• Adventure of the Seas ( anniversary)

Well I discover that carnival is less expensive but it also is more fun if you like to party, like myself. The adventure of the seas is more quiet and little slow for my taste.
I really recommend carnival is cheaper and have great ports of Call.
To prove my point that carnival is cheaper this are the prices I paid during summer for the two trips:

• Carnival Destiny ( Cabin with Balcony $ 2200)

• Adventure of the Seas ( Interior cabin with promenade view $ 2500 )

So if you want a different kind of cruise but also cheaper try carnival…