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Originally posted by bmh:
I find it hard to fathom why some passengers chose to wear their hats in the restaurants. I would have thought that the maitre d' would have something to say about the practice however apparently not. In the past (on the Wind and Dream at least) there used to be a sign requesting patrons to "please remove headress". Jeans of all kinds are very common in all the restaurants on the Jewel including Cagney's and Le Bistro. It is a little strange to observe tux and jeans together. It is freestyle and the system does work well.
Jeans are allowed in all but one restaurant aboard NCL ships. They set the dress code, not you!

As for hats and caps, that's a different story.
Normally, proper etiquette suggests removing hats and caps when entering a restaurant.
But, there is a responsibility by the restaurant to provide the hats and caps a safe place. When is the last time you saw hat racks, or a hat check-in in a restaurant? An empty chair at your table will suffice, but when was the last time you saw an empty chair at your table for two on NCL ships?

Interesting reading here:

" As for hat storage, a restaurant should be prepared for the possible onslaught of civilization, and so, if there is no proper storage, one should ask the host, hostess or waitperson where one might temporarily store one’s hat. If the facility provides no suitable accommodation and no unused chair is handy, a gentleman is justified in leaving it on, at a rakish angle proportionate with his degree of displeasure."