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No slam from me Bob. I'm going to agree that a cruise is probably not an age appropriate vacation option for an infant under a year old. I know many have a different opinion and they can excercise their desire to cruise with infants. A ship is a confined space with a shared ventillation system where ilnesses can go from a client or two to an outbreak. Infants without fully developed immune systems and imunities to what would be minor for an adult can be dangerous for a baby. With the equipment and training onboard being less than what you'd find at a hospital in the US and admittedly not what would be needed to care for an infant, I simply believe it's an un-necessary risk I wouldn't want to take. People need to ask themselves if the quality of healthcare available at many ports is up to their expectations. The ship will not take the responsibility for care of infants with health issues, thus the age requirements and in this case a waiver as a release of liability. We've seen previous posts on families with infants being referred to a local hospital and the consequences that resulted. Cost of care, missed ship, flights home, loss of the remainder of the cruise being a few.

It's not likely anything will go wrong and everything will probably end well. I certainly hope it does. If you do travel, get travel insurance, especially if you increase risk factors and bring an infant.

Cheers, Neil

All this and not to mention the inconvenience issues.