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My wife and I were on the Jade 12 Day Mediterranean cruise last week and everyone we spoke with on the ship and on the tours were sick with either upper or lower gastrointestinal illness. Prior to boarding @ the dock we received a letter from NCL offering a full refund because of a Gastrointestinal illness on the last several trips. What do you do after you fly in from the US to Spain and realize upon arrival @ the dock that you most likely will end up sick on this vacation? While on board we both did get sick, my wife upper and I lower. My wife and I are both Registered nurses and seeing the staff wearing the same pair of cheap gloves to handle all food and beverages served to us was upsetting. The food in every dining room was warm never hot. You could not get a drink of water without someone serving it to you.
My take is the combination of suboptimal food temperature and dirty gloves was and still is the cause for much of this outbreak onboard. After complaining to the Exe. Chef he told me to call him and he will make sure my food will be hot, what about the other 2000+ passengers.
I really think a class action case is warranted and would make some lawyer a wealthy man. Anyone interested?