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We are about to book a Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Legend in December 2010. I keep reading reviews and it is starting to scare me - bad food, getting sick, bad weather. I just need a little reassurance that not everyone has a bad experience so I feel comfortable with committing to this vacation.
Welcome Aboard Van Beach!

While no one can guarantee what the weather will be like, I can tell you that I had a wonderful cruise on the beautiful Carnival Legend. We did get some rain on the morning of the Roatan port day. That is almost to be expected there most times of the year. The food was great (as always) and the service excellent. I wouldn't worry so much about the negative reviews, it is what you make it as Marty noted. Have a positive attitude about it and you'll be more than fine, you'll probably get addicted. I sure did after my first cruise, and that was way before they had super nice ships like the Legend. Don't worry, after this cruise you'll be thinking "I'm home" when stepping onboard.

I also want to expand on something else that Marty noted - ask all the questions you want. We are not like some other forums that give rude replies. You are among helpful and knowledgeable friends here.


ps. The chocolate melting cake is supposed to be "runny" in the middle. YUM!