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I know some people either love cruising or don't. Before I jump into booking, I'd like to hear some opinions about the different cruiselines.

My husband and I went on 1 cruise about 10 years ago, and I HATED it. It was a Carnival cruise, and not my speed at all. To me it was like a greyhound bus on water. There were too many people, and the food was poor. Maybe my expectations are too high? After that trip I said I'd never go on a cruise again, but my parents have gone on several, more upscale cruiselines and love it. So, maybe I'm willing to try again.

For us, I'd prefer more peace and quiet, EXCELLENT food, and nice evening entertainment (not much into the bar scene or drinking till all hours). I want a room with at least a window and a bed big enough to roll around in WITH my husband (sorry, hope that did not offend anyone).

I'm looking into Norwegian and Royal Caribbean going to Bermuda (that's where we took our honeymoon 20 years ago). Norwegian departs from Philadelphia, and Royal Caribbean departs from Baltimore or Philadephia.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.