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well I give it 3.5out5

Nice Nice Ship for her age.
Entertainment Shows were out standing
Food at the Windjammer was not too pleading
will def do the dinig room next time
Staff was very pleasent
Activities on the ship were a little to repetitive for me.
The liquor sellers were very annoying at times lol I know its there jobs but "BAR DRINKS BAR DRINKS" every 5minutes I was hearing that lol.

The ports were good to see
we left key west earlier then scheduled
but got to tour on my own.

Nassau went to Atlantis BEAUTIFUL

cocokay was mind blowing soo clean and privte
didnt eat there but seemed very nice
I am def looking for my next cruise!!

overall I am hooked felt like I got plent for the price paid.great job with the kids I rarely saw them no complaints here!kudos to royal for that!