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Hurricane season in the Caribbean is technically June 1 - November 30th. You can read about it here. A hurricane can happen anytime during that time frame. Typically they are worse in August and September and into October. They just had one last week.

Princess is going to send their ships where the demand is. For the past several years Europe has become more and more in demand. So much, that Costa is leaving ships there year round,and next year Royal Caribbean will send 11 of their ships over to Europe for the season. Three of Princess ships will be up in Alaska until the end of September. One ship, the Coral, will go to Asia after Alaska. The Dawn and Sea are going to Australia, The Caribbean Princess will be in New York doing New York/Canada. The Ruby and Star will still be in Europe in October. The Sapphire and Golden will be doing Hawaii. The Emerald will be doing the 10-night Caribbean. The Coral will be doing 14-night cruises Oct 11th from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles and 14nt-Oct 25 from Los Angeles back to Ft Lauderdale.

Princess hasn't been a big contender in the Caribbean for some time. They leave it to the big guys Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian. Princess goes after the bigger fish to fry (so to speak $$$$).