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Sonny V:

My stateroom onboard the Norwegian Pearl was much smaller than the staterooms I had on my Carnival cruises. The staterooms on the Carnival ships were 167 sq. ft. (I don't know how that converts to the metric system for our international members here). I did not learn how big my stateroom was on the Norwegian Pearl; but if I were to guess I would say it was around 125 sq. ft. I suppose that is more than adequate for just one person. But after I became accustumed to the staterooms the size the ones I had on the Carnival ship, it was hard going back to a smaller size. And all of my staterooms on all of my cruises (except for one on the Carnival Glory) were in the cheapest Interior staterooms.The bathroom in my Pearl stateroom was especially small and the toilet was at an awkward angle and just 1 foot (32cm) from the wall. I am 5 foot 11 (1.8 Meters)tall and to sit down on the toilet, I had to spread my legs far apart and both knees were against the wall. I can't imagine how worse sitting on that toilet would have been for taller individuals.

My very first cruise was on RCCL's Sovereign of the Seas. My stateroom on the Sovereign was a little smaller than the one I had on the Pearl. However, the Sovereign is more than 20 years old now. And the Sovereign cruise I had was just before it's major renovations in 2004. And I did not have the trouble with the toilet, like I did on the NCL Pearl. And the Pearl is a relatively new ship launched in 2006.

Do I plan on any cruises soon in the future?
Maybe, depending on how well things go with my family. And if so, I will consider either cruising again with Carnival, or with RCCL, or if I am lucky enough Celebrity or Disney.

Unfortunately, I do not think I will choose NCL again as a future cruiseline. But in all fairness, that is a matter of personal choice, which might be different for someone else.

I did not have a bad cruise on the Norwegian Pearl. However, I enjoyed my previous cruises better (on Carnival and RCCL).