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We're seriously considering a 7-night Western Med cruise on N. Jade for April 2010. Having not been on this ship previously, I have some questions about cabin selection. There are three of us (myself, DH, and 16-year-old son) and we're thinking of an AF mini-suite.

To preface, our status in the Latitudes program gives us VIP benefits such as early embarkation/disembarkation and priority restaurant reservation, so we don't need to book a cabin that offers these perks.

First, are there any advantages to the mini-suite as compared to a balcony cabin, other than the additional square footage?

Also, are there differences between cabins within this category? For example, I noticed from poking around the NCL site that most of the AFs are 331 square feet, while a couple are 318. Is that correct, or should this just be chalked up to another NCL typo? (I've run into these before on the site.) Do all have tubs? And, what is lost if a connecting cabin is booked? Are there any "secret" cabins that offer something a little different?

As far as location, I'll try to avoid those under the arcade... yet is there an area that's preferable for minimizing noise from above?

And, where in the heck do they put a dining room? (It's listed as a cabin amenity when looking at specific cabins.) I'm guessing this is marketing-speak for the coffee table in front of the sofa?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Happy cruising!