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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Linda.toews:
I have been stewing over what to do/who to tell and I sure wish I had found this site before sailing NCL Pride of America March 25th. We hit really bad weather - which we could have dealt with - but our expereince on the ship was poor - smelt like sewage - food was awful - some crew were very helpful and taking "Pride" (on the Pride of America) in their jobs, many were not.

I thought the organization of booking for shore excursions, and booking alternates when excursions were cancelled due to bad weather was absolutely terrible. We spent an entire day docked in Kuai with every single excursion cancelled and we just sat and watched the container port and the rain - we were sick anyway - but I could not believe that not only were there no alternate excursions but that they were recommending that people not go off the ship due to the risk of mudslides and flooding. I don't care if it costs a few dollars - offer us something to do please!!


My husband and I just got back from being on the pride of aloha, and had sooo much fun! We enjoyed the food,crew,and of course HAWAII! The buffets is the only thing we didn't care for. We had awesome stateroom service, thanks to Darwin. He pampered us. We had our room cleaned twice a day, and our sheets turned down every night. Best way to see Hawaii. We would go again in a heart beat. We did see alot of people complaining over petty stuff though. You're the one that makes a good situation good. We treated the crew with respect, and they gave it right back. Imagine that.