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Some good tips, Frase -- thank you for sharing.

I also continue to eat sensibly while on vacation. This is how I generally handle meals:

  • Breakfast - whole fruit (grapefruit or melon, usually), followed by some kind of protein (smoked salmon or eggs), skim or low-fat milk instead of juice. I'll skip the rolls/danish, and either have toast or a small bowl of oatmeal
  • Lunch - big salad containing chicken or seafood, plus one roll to get some carbs. No dessert -- I'll order a cup of tea, perhaps with fruit or cheese. (Lunch is usually my smallest meal of the day at home, too.)
  • Afternoon snack - I'll occasionally treat myself to a cup of tea (if not taken at lunch) with ONE of the small dessert items offered at the buffet
  • Dinner - I'll get either an appetizer or salad, not both. Limit to one dinner roll, if at all. Small amount of dressing on the salad. Consomme every night. Pretty much whatever I'm in the mood for as an entree. Dessert is usually tea (anybody sense a pattern?) and cheese plate. I'm not big on desserts, so this might not work for everyone.
  • Buffets - I avoid them when possible. It's so easy for me to say, "one slice of bacon won't hurt," and then end up with four or five. Not worth the temptation, IMO.
  • Indulging - Yes, I do indulge. On our last cruise, a 12-nighter, I had Eggs Benedict for breakfast three mornings. I just adjusted the rest of the day's meals accordingly.
  • Indulging, part 2 - While I'm not big on desserts, there are still a few I enjoy. One is chocolate mousse, another is creme brulee. One tip I followed was to check the evening's menus earlier in the day, so that I could make adjustments throughout. These are typically posted by the dining rooms in the morning.[/list]
    Anybody have some more ideas to share?
Happy cruising!