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this will be our first cruise. we use to travel all the time, the US only, my husband is a quad (since 1974) And he uses an electric wheelchair. He became very sick two yrs ago and has finialy has gotten enough strength back to tackle a cruise. Anyone travel the Costa Victoria? Friends had already booked and knowing we wanted to take a cruise asked us to join them. I feel better knowing I have someone along to lend a hand in case I need help. We have to drive from Mass to Florida. Should be fun. We will arrive a day or two early as our 17 yr needs to shop for a bathing suit.
I worry about his health and hope he can manage his pain during the trip. I've decited I need the drugs to relax not him LOL. I'm sure he'll be fine.
He always joked he wanted to live to see 50, did that for yrs ago, then it was year 2000, then the Patriots to win Super Bowl, take a cruise, (doing that), only thing keeping him going is he's waiting for the Red Sox to win a World Series, HE's going to live a long time. LOL
I'll repost when we return from our trip.