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Your ship will dock in the commercial port area of Marseille, which is more than a mile outside of town. They will provide some kind of shuttle service into town (either free or for a few dollars) which will drop you near the Old Port. From there, its only a few blocks to the train station. I will confess that we have never taken a train to Aix since we generally rent a car whenever we are in France. But I will do some checking (when I get a chance) and let you know about the Aix station (I know they have two different stations in that area). However, keep in mind that even if a station is not within easy walking distance, there are always local buses. In France you will always find an Information booth at train stations, and they always have somebody that speaks some English and can give you lots of local info on buses and attractions. Aix is a relatively compact once you are near the center you can pretty much walk everywhere. My wife would say her favorite place is any decent cafe