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Hi tweetydee1022, welcome to Cruise-Chat. What ship will you be sailing on? There are areas of the ship that your child could explore. Of course, at that age, someone will definitely need to be there 24/7. There are some ships that have the big screen out by the pool, so your daughter could watch while you're sunning. There's usually a band or a show of some type that she might enjoy watching. In ports she'll enjoy seeing the sights and playing on the beach. Make sure you have a couple of her favorite toys. There will be plenty to eat and she'll have fun taking all the newness in. I'm sure you'll find others with children around her age that can play together for a while, too. I hope you have a fantastic time and that you'll continue cruising as she grows. The older she gets, the more she'll love it! Best wishes and once again, welcome aboard.