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Sorry, but I think Tony's out of his mind. He thinks he's having heart trouble, then eats fried chicken? Is he trying to encourage a heart attack? Why didn't he go to the hospital in Barbados? Why did he risk his health and put the crew in such a perilous situation? If he had truly had a heart problem, and had a true heart attack in the middle of the ocean, was his wife going to sue Carnival? This post makes no sense to me. You're trying to blame a cruise line for an adult's decision. If some food was indeed undercooked, it was not the cause of Tony's problems. In any restaurant that you find undercooked or overcooked food, don't you always send it back? What about the other people in your party, did they eat undercooked food? Did they end up in the medical center? It'd be interesting to see the letter Tony receives. Of course, Carnival will have to be diplomatic, but it would still be an interesting read.