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We took Jewel out of New York in Oct last year. It was a repositioning cruise. Flew into JFK and took the NCL transfer. Took at good 45 minutes from airport to get there in the rain. I would not have trusted a cab. I think transfer for both New York and Miami per person was $50 total each. Also do not know where you are coming from to JFK but best to spend the night in New York prior to cruise. Weather in New York for landing always a problem no matter the time of year - I was coming out of Toronto on a 6:30 am flight and low and behold we had to turn around in air and return to Toronto and that made for a tight run to the airport when we eventually did land. I left so early to avoid problem. STill did not. And that was not the first time either. So plan your air accordingly because NCL only runs transfer to aboe 2 pm. Then you are on your own to reach pier and with rush out it gets really nutso.