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Welcome to cruise chat, Tweetydee1022. I hope that everything goes well for you. I have witnessed positive cruises with infants and VERY negative cruises with infants. I have a daughter due in April and I am not taking her on a ship until she is 4-years old. On a cruise last year, our neighbors knocked on our door while we were unpacking and asked us to keep the noise level down since their infant was napping. We tried to comply but were soon interrupted by another rap on our door with the same impatient man requesting our silence. Well, I am not usually an unruly neighbor but, I didn't mind banging around the cabin for the rest of the cruise after that event. As mentioned above, walls on cruise ships are paper thin and transmit noise quite well. Pools are another issue... first and foremost, unless your child is TOTALLY potty trained, don't risk the safety of others by placing them in the pool. It is an irresponsible action that I have witnessed on far too many occasions. People can be very boisterous in the pools so you need to be with your child every second that he or she is in the pool. 18 months is very young and I wish you the best but I urge you to remember that others are on vacation as well.