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Dwayne - Thanks for the compliments on my pictures of the Holiday in '05. And also thank you for including the link for our fellow cruise-chat guest to click on so they could "go-right-to-it"

As far as the Cruise Chat Cruise plan goes, please keep us informed as many of us are interested in tying to attend if we can. Thank you and Dave for (Unofficially) trying to get something together for all of us.

drlivingston - the pic you posted of the Holiday is VERY BEAUTIFUL! And like you, I would like to say once again as well; a big thanks to the Holiday Staff for all that they have done and all that they have given thru the years in service and of themselves to the wonderful customers of Carnavil!

Penny3333 - Thank you! I need a new Cam. I'm trying to talk my Hubby into buying me a new one for the trip this time around. Since We are going June the 11th and June 2nd is my Bday and June 3rd is our Wedding Ann. I'm using that as an excuse for a new one. LOL Maybe my last pics of the Great Holiday will be better than Ever! I"m sure I will be more Aware of what I'm taking this time around and REALLY try to capture some good ones.......

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