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I am sorry to hear of Tony's illness during this cruise.

Thank you, canuckcrusiers and well said.

There are several things out of the ordinary in the original post. I don't want to pick the post apart line by line. I will mention a few though.

First off, "Carnival Victory Food" is not dangerous according to the last CDC ship inspection report. Hence, I will change the topic title to Carnival Victory. I wouldn't want anyone possibly being liable for posting such a statement.

Anyone could have a bout of illness on a ship. It doesn't necessarily mean it has anything to do with the ship. If Tony was in dire straights of being ill he should have followed the advice given. Since he felt better at 4pm I highly doubt he had any kind of food related illness.

About the late Dinner sitting, by the time everyone gets seated and enjoys being served their drinks, appetizers, soup and/or salad it can take a little while. It's not fast food and a race to the entree, it is a formal dining experience.

Of course they shouldn't have undercooked chicken on the buffet. I'm sure they took care of that. It could happen on occasion considering the volume of meals they serve. I doubt Tony will be getting a letter from Carnival though because he found a piece of chicken that was undercooked.

If I ever was served lobster that was pink on the inside, I would send it back too.