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I guess I am the one woman promoter or They are based in Wisconsin, I think. We have had a lot of good experiences with them. I am not a fan of large groups, lines, or crowds and those were all what I experienced going through the ship's tours. We have become more and more bold about going on our own with private vendors, however, claims to have never had a patron miss a ship. I guess that is the primary concern when I leave the boat each day--I want to be aboard when she sails! We did stingray city 4 times--twice with the ship, and once with Captain Marvins, and once with Captain Ron (he was shoretrips vendor). The last two trips were a lot less people and a better time to be had. We have also used Ebank's watersports (web site) on Cayman and can't say enough good about these guys. I would check their offerings.

I would use the ship, or on Jamaica. THis is not a place I want to be on my own, with strangers, or stranded.
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