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We use If you use the search function and look for their name on this site you will see many good reviews from me about them here! They are US based, and insured. You won't save much money, but the group size will be considerably smaller than the ships. In Curacao, if you go there, we used a company called Actief. There really is no way to express how wonderful these people were. They were very aware of the ship's departure, had new vehicles, and great guides.

We had a horrendous experience through the cruise ship on our last cruise that almost had us missing our flight (and most of the other people on the tour). At that point a manager at Royal Caribbean indicated that the tours through the ship are really not vetted in any way, and that they only check into an operator if there are complaints and problems. I had not realized we were in such a caveat emptor situation. The way I see it the whole "missing the ship due to a delay" scenario is the only advantage in going through the ship.
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