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Hi snilan, welcome to Cruise-Chat. To me, it all depends on the port. If it's a new port or a port that speaks a different language, then I use the ship's tour. If it's a port I feel comfortable with, I'll do it on my own. There are a few ports where I would not venture on my own in the Caribbean. When I get to Europe (some day I will), I'm sure we'll do mainly ship's tours. There will be some ports that we'll do on our own since my hubby lived in Italy for a while. I've been to France and Germany and can read French, so I'd probably be game to try it on my own. Germany, at least where I visited, has almost everything available in English and many people speak English. Whatever we do, we always leave plenty of time to get back to the ship. I don't want to be waving from the dock as my ship sails away.
You can try using your "Find" feature in the upper left hand corner and type in your ports. It will pull up the posts made for that port. You might be able to find something that interests you and could just do research on that. We might also be able to help a little if we knew what your interests are. Hope this helps a little.