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But gee drlivingston, the WalMart board of directors wouldn't be able to think of something that simple. They're too busy calculating how to get their next bonus, where they're going to take the corporate jets, which golf course they're going to try to get their tee times set up on, and how much more than can squeeze out of their customers.

I use the plastic bags because I recycle them for my own use. I line the small trash bins in my house with them, I use them to take my lunch to work, I use them to collect vegetables out of the garden, I use them to wrap up bones or skin from chicken/turkey/fish, I use them to collect the scoops from the litter boxes, etc. The reusable cloth bags don't hold much either. I really think it's just another way to make money. The plastic bags can be and are recycled. You will always have those that don't care and will dump them anywhere, but they do that with anything. Ever been to a race, there are more wax paper, napkins, paper containers, and beer cans than there are fans. Probably 2000 trash containers around the venue, but very few use them.