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Hi Glenn, welcome to Cruise-Chat! I haven't had the pleasure of sailing on the Mercury, but have been to Hawaii on a land vacation. I hope your families have a wonderful cruise and the seas cooperate. I'm sure you've taken in the sites in Oahu, I enjoyed the north shore as well as the tourist sections, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Pearl Harbour, and the Punch Bowl. Maui is a beautiful island, if you can do a helicopter tour, it's incredible. I know they're really pricey, but phenomenal. Hilo is a great little town, but we took the tour to the volcano. Actually, we started in Kona and went around the island to Hilo, then across to the volcano and back to Kona. I was amazed by all the cactus on the big island, but there were some beautiful water falls, too. Best wishes for a fantastic cruise, and once again, welcome aboard! Just a word of caution, cruising is addictive