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Has anyone ever experienced what I've experienced? Please let me know.

I sailed on NCL and used my Debit card to pay for my bill. I returned from my cruise on 12/18/04 with a final bill of $881.25 which came out of my account on 12/20/04. Then on 12/27/04 another $28.75 came out of my account which I believe is the amount of a soda sticker for unlimited sodas while you sail. It was NOT included in my final bill, I have never been notified as to what the charge is and it overdrafted my account. I have been in contact with NCL customer service dept. several times they have asking me for my bank account statements,and credit card numbers which I have provided, but still the NCL accounting dept. has not contacted me.

I have no problem paying the $28.75 if I made the charge, what I do have problems with is when someone makes a charge to my credit card I would like to be notified as to what the purchase is, so I can pay for it, and not just come out of my account. Am I over reacting?

Please feel free to email me at or post a message if something like this has happened to you with NCL.