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Hi pslc, hope your experience on the Ruby was fantastic. Sorry to hear about your problems with your excursions. Here is a link to the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. They may be able to help you with your dispute for the cab. You have good information with the cab number. We have flown into Ft. Lauderdale before and have not been charged over $10 for the fare to/from the port. However, I'm sure there are those that are not honest in every walk of life. I hope the Chamber will be able to help resolve your dispute. It's not good advertising for the city, and they're trying to promote the port. We normally book our excursions through the ship, so we do have some sort of recourse should something go wrong. The excursions we do on our own, we negotiate with the operator before leaving the port and pay when we are returned to the port. So far, we have had great experiences.