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As far as I know it is. When the bus driver took us to the marina, he was talking about Honduras.

I hope things will calm down because we did a fantastic snorkel there. The lady that owned the catamaran was trying to sell it, but I couldn't talk Ron into it. It was an 82' live aboard, absolutely huge, but old. It would have taken a lot of work. Anyway, we traveled about 20 minutes to the dock where the catamaran was from where we tendered to. We sailed out and back around the jetties. Fantastic coral with depths ranging from above water to about 25'. Good sea life, too, clear water, but a strong current. However, if I can make it, I know y'all can.

We were scheduled to go to Honduras back in the late 80s early 90s, but Royal Caribbean decided not to port because of a coupe. I sure hope that doesn't happen to your cruise, it's an interesting port. The town itself is really small, but there are a lot of shops. It's a very poor country, but the locals didn't hassle you like they do in Jamaica. They were very proud of their country and seemed to want to show it to you.