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Originally posted by Dave:
Several years ago there was a open air bar in the center of the building at International Pier. I remember they sold icy cold bottles of beer for $2. Man, they were really cold too. What was odd is they rarely had more than a couple people sitting there. I guess people thought it was going to be a ripoff because of the location.
I always carry a can and bottle koozie and buy beer from the street vendors for either a $1 or $2 but we just had to got to that bar because of the recommendation. You know how it is, someone had the greatest time of their life and you just have to go there. In Belize the beer is either $3 of $4 from the side walk vendors. The other is I visit the stores where we bought a few watches and jewelry over the years and they are always willing to give me a drink of whatever I want. They remember us by our first names so we must have been a better than average customers.