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Hi Hutchens...WOW are you in for a treat!!! I sailed on the Mariner 02-06-05...I can't say enough good things about this cruise!!!!
We had a wonderful time and only got off the ship in one port.We did the eastern Caribbean tour.
One thing that I wasn't aware of before we left was , there were quite a few celebrities on board.I met the comedian Paul Rodriques(sp).He was doing a show called Four Latin Ladies of Comedy.It was being filmed for either a televised show for Tv or a DVD. I never got that part right lol. The comedy was adult oriented of course.I remember seeing two of those ladies on comedy central...very funny.
And we had a celebrity and his wife that sat with us in the main dining room.You can see him at talked him into doing a Ricky Martin impression in the Lotus Lounge on Kareoki(sp)night...He was spectacular!!! So you never know who you might see while onboard!!!
Hope you and your hubby have as much fun as we did!......Linda