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Is it safe to say that any room service is going to have a gratuity snuck into the bill then? Or are we covered with that?

You need to tip room service each time they deliver an order. There is no room service bill - it is included in the cruise price but the people who deliver it should be tipped $2-$5 per order depending on the size of the order. Most of us will bring along a wad of $1 and $2 bills for this purpose.

Also, stupid question, but can you tell me what the difference is between a Maitre d' and cabin steward?

The cabin attendant (it may be either a man or a woman) is responsible for cleaning your cabin, preparing it for bed time by turning down beds, and providing clean towels, ice, etc.

The Maitre d' is in charge of the main dining room. They usually have assistants or headwaiters responsible for sections of the dining room, who in turn supervise the waiters and assistant waiters (busboys).