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We'll be sailing out of New Orleans on the Inspiration July 21st. My husband and I have taken 10 cruises previously - but will be taking our adult children & friends on this one (18, 20, 21, 23, 24). Our family has sailed before - but it will be a first cruise for the two boyfriends. Hopefully the 18 year old (son) will find new friends to hang out with on the ship.
We have always booked shore excursions through the ship - but after reading some of your reviews and suggestions - I think I'll try to do these on my own.
We love to snorkle - and plan to focus the shore excursions on trips involving that - plus a party atmosphere. We were going to book the pirate cruise ( Calico ) in Montego Bay, do a snorkle & stingray trip in Grand Caymen, and then another party/snorkle/beach trip in Cozmel - I think we took the Fury last time and enjoyed it.
I've never done a "posting " like this - but I would appreciate any comments/ suggestions/ tours to book on my own. Thanks for your help.
Sandy Martin