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Hello. I apologize if this is off topic but I'm really having a problem on finding information on the internet for my questions.

I recently went on a cruise and loved it. This got me to thinking about becoming a travel agent. I'm currently laid off. I have past experience working on the phones/sales.

I have bought two books so far - How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency
and Home-Based Travel Agent. Haven't' received them yet because I just ordered them over the weekend.

Right now I'm trying to find some place that teaches this stuff. I've contacted all my local colleges but they don't offer anything. I'm thinking my only hope is taking a home study/on-line course.

So, my question is: does anyone here know of any reputable online travel agent schools or home study courses? I've found one so far - The Travel Career Institute and their home study course -

Again, I apologize for posting this question here but I'm having trouble finding this information on the web.