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I saw Dawn Princess, and couldn't believe it. We sailed her in March, 2001, where we renewed wedding vows. Just perfect. We are doing this cruise also, and can't wait to get back to a lot of these ports. Curacao is gorgeous, and has never been hit by a hurricane. The Aquarium/City Tour that takes you to Curacao Liquor is excellent. Doing it again. Barbados is gorgeous, and a wonderful shopping area at the pier. We did the Caves and Orchid World, and that will be a repeat. St. Thomas speaks for itself. City highlights is very pretty and they will drop you in town for shopping. There are great buys for jewelry and linens. There are a lot of good jewelry stores there, and don't be swayed by what the ship refers you to. My one problem with this cruise, is the freestyle dining. We had normal 1st and 2nd seating last year. There's 2 theater's with excellent entertainment. Also, washing machines on board. If you drink liquor, Rum Punch is the drink of choice. Can't wait to try them again. Hope this is helpful, and if anymore questions, just let me know. We're with a group from North of Tampa. Where are you from?