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Parasailing.... as a general rule we try o push people away from para sailing, renting jetskis and renting mopeds/motorcycles on the isles. The reason you don't see those things on the ship tour lists is because they are dangerous (yes they are a lot of fun but...) The insurance (or lack of it) is one reason, but most of the operators are some guy that happen to own a boat going in together to pull some tourists around on a para sail. They don't have much in the way of experience and or safety procedures. Anyway, you get the idea. I won't tell you not to do it if that is what you want to do, but understand the concern. Mopeds are out... don't do it. I drive a Harley here and I would dream of renting a bike on most of the islands I have been to.

The dolphins tour is great. Its pricey but great. Just be sure to pick the right one. One is called a Dolphin Experience and one is called a Dolphin Swim.. the Experience is basically you watching the dolphins in the water. The swim gets you in the water with them. So gauge what you want from that.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. You have decades of cruising experience amongst us and we are happy to help.
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