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AVandrie, I highly recommend the swim with the dolphin excursion, it is truly the most awesome experience I've ever had. We did ours in Cozumel and I bought the video. Whenever I'm jonesing for a cruise or having a yucko day, I put the tape in. Sure makes me happy! There have been a few on the board that have done the Segway and really had a ball. I don't think I'm coordinated enough, but if they'd tie a pillow to my rear, put enough padding on me and a helmet, I might be able to go a block or two. Are your ports just Nassau and Freeport? I'm not sure of all the itineraries. If so, you probably won't have much time to do a snorkel, but if you can the snorkeling is really good in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. If you do Coco Cay on your itinerary, that's a good place to snorkel. I haven't been to Freeport in more years than you. Everything I've read has said it's not that great, I'd still like to go there. I loved the Lucaya area, and actually liked the island more than Nassau, but that was years ago. I won't say how many, but more than 14.

I love the idea of the Easter cakes, the kids and grown-ups alike will get a bang out of them. There are excursions at the ports that are not listed on the ship. There are ports I wouldn't recommend going off on my own, but you will be fine in Nassau and Freeport. Sometimes shore excursions are less expensive, but just remember to leave plenty of time to be back on board. If you're not on a ship's excursion, they won't wait for you. Now granted, the flight from Nassau to Freeport isn't that expensive, but you'll miss out on the ship experience.

Jim, Dave, and Dwayne are Carnival experts as well as cruise experts. They always have great answers to questions. I've been on Carnival 5 times, but they're all VIPs. Cruise Fanatic and Sandy might be VIPs, too.

It might seem like next April is a long way off, but it will fly.

Dave, you're right I did forget y'all wore shorts to dinner. I hope Ron forgot too. I always tell him he has to dress for dinner, so don't tell him otherwise. I rarely get to see him look nice. It's either shorts or sweats at the house, jeans when we go to town. Please, please, please don't tell him he can get away with shorts in the dining room