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Well...daughters b-day cruise had to get cancel (Navigator on April 1st) due to work related issues and the fact the prices are sky high during this time of year for both cruise and air. Needless to say I was a little bummed out even though our Oasis cruise is still on track for this summer. What does my wife do? She went ahead and booked us (daughter & myself) for a Majesty 3 day cruise for the end of this month. I'll take it! Prices were very affordable for both the cruise & air. Needless to say we are looking forward to it in only a few weeks. Only concerns are the weather in January for the Bahamas and being able to get off the ship early to catch our flight home. We will do the early morning debarkation….does anyone know what time that would be??? 7:00 -8:00am? I can’t remember from previous trips.
Oh and btw the way to my fellow cruise-chat friends…fyi…we are flying into Miami the Thursday before the cruise leaves….some of you may remember the panic attack I had last summer with this exact same cruise and arriving early afternoon the day of the cruise…lol…I learned my lesson!