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My husband and I have made 4 crossings on the QE2,
the most recent was 1998. WE have sailed eastbound once and westbound from Southampton 3 times. We love the ship!You do have to dress for dinner every night (formal or cocktail dress).
The service is excellent. There is a crew of 1000
for 1600 passengers so the service is bound to be good. We have made all our crossings in late May or June and only once encountered rough sea (one night only).
the ship is very class conscious and there are a few areas that you can not go into if you are not travelling first class. There are different dining rooms according to your second or first class status. Within the first class status there are also different "Grilles" ( Upper first class dining rooms) depending on the first class accommodation you have paid for.
WE would like to cross with QE2 again but I believe when the Queen Mary 2 is introduced in 2004, the QE2 will no longer be doing the transatlantic crossing.
The entertainment is good and includes classical
music as well as the norm. There is a cinema on board that seats 500 people. There is an outdoor and indoor pool and very good spa facilities.
(Golden Door Spa from San Francisco).
Hope this helps