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No updates yet, but I wanted to start the thread. I am currently in my hotel room in London suffering the ravages of jet lag. I arrived on-time this morning at Gatwick. Celebrity had a driver (with a new Mercedes) waiting for me. After a 90 minute drive to the hotel and a useless 2 hour nap, it was up again and off for the press team dinner in town. Very impressive group of journalists with a couple faces I've seen before on network TV.

We board buses tomorrow morning and head to Southampton and the ship. Since CruiseMates is sponsoring me, they get the reports of the ship and the naming ceremony. I'll be posting a live link to CruiseMates once Paul Motter sets it up. However I will post personal asides and other observations here (stuff that won't be in the articles at CruiseMates).

Great dinner tonight at OxO restaurant overlooking the Thames. I had great dinner company with two highly experienced writers from Philadelphia - they write for newspapers and magazines.

But the night was not without controversy. It seems the person who scouted the route to the restaurant used the typical small British car - and then handed the directions to the typical 50 passenger bus driver. All was well until a couple hundred yards from the restaurant when a street sign which intruded into the road at about 10 feet contacted the bus and scrapped along the side, finally shattering (but not breaking) a window behind me. Nobody was injured but the driver wasn't happy. I now know how some of those words on our banned list sound with an English accent.