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My husband and I stopped at Nassau when we were on Disney Cruise. We spent 45 minutes there..We did not like it there at all. Must agree with Jim1012..Sales people are extremely aggressive. Once you leave ship you have to go through what I would call an indoor farmers market (closest thing I could compare it to) There are a bunch of different taxi companies "hounding" you. Once we got on street store employees stand outside doors "hounding" you again. I tell people it's like going to your local mall and having an employee at EVERY store standing outside entrance begging you to shop at their store.
Nassau is a "poor" country..Not as wealthy as US. So I guess that is expected. We just were not used/ready for that. In fact when we went back to ship we talked to about 20 families/couple who felt same way. Now when planning a cruise I TRY to find cruise NOT going to Nassau, BUT if we do I would NEVER get off ship.
We did hear that Atlantis is great.

Sorry for being downer, But that's just my (our) feelings

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