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You're right, Gary, the national parks are so underfunded now it's crazy. I don't know what the solution is except to get people back to work. There are so very many things we could do to put people back to work. Mass transit, roads, "green" jobs, alternative energy, etc. Instead of lining the pockets of those that already have the money. Maybe if they would have let the ones fail that were going to fail and taken the TARP funds to promote new jobs we wouldn't be in this mess. I still think they should have sent the money to the taxpayers with the stipulation that you: pay off all credit cards, pay off all loans, pay off all mortgages, then with the money left over send it to fund either education, health or infrastructure. If this wasn't done, you'd go to jail. The taxpayers would have done what they were suppose to have done, the car companies would have had money, the banks would have had money, and it would have been a start for all the other projects needed. Instead the greedy ones used the money for "bonuses", "retreats", "golden parachuttes", etc. Why aren't they in jail? To me, it's theft.