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Looking for a little advice!
My wife and I are about to embark on our first cruise (4th December - Constellation) with Celebrity. With departure now only being a shade over 3 weeks away I was slightly concerned that I had not received any information about the cruise and more specifically any tickets!! With this in mind I duly rang our travel agent who told me that they had not received anything from Celebrity (Other than the invoice and passenger itinerary which I have) and that we should not worry. Baring in mind that I booked this back in January alarm bells where ringing so I called Celebrity directly who informed me that they have dispatched everything to our travel agent.

The advice I am looking for is - What should we be expecting? Family members who have been with Celebrity before have had large information packs sent to them well in advance along with tickets etc. At present all we have is an invoice an itinerary!!! Help...