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Hi AVandrie and welcome to Cruise Chat.

Penny gave you her usual fantastic answers, but I just wanted to add that I wish I were cruising with you, too! You sound absolutely delightful from your message, and had me laughing out loud. You have a great sense of humor and a great spirit, and with those in your luggage, you're guaranteed to have an even better time than otherwise.

Question 1: Kids always have a great time in the camp program, but really, you/they can decide how much time they want to spend in camp and how much with you. Many families take walkie-talkies with them so family members can keep track of each other onboard these big ships. If for some reason your kids don't like the program, you're not committed to putting them in it. But chances are kids your kids' ages will have a ball and will cry when they have to get off the ship and leave their new best friends. Even the most doubting of children usually end up loving the program.