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They say it is dangerous because of all the increased traffice on the island. The sensation will dock at the internatinal pier, which is 3 mi. south of San Miguel town, you can rent mopeds right there, they were $35. for the day, and you must wear a helmet. If you drive south, there will be very little traffic, then the road narrows to just 2 lanes, almost looks like 1 lane. There are signs for Playa Sol beach and Playa San Francisco, 1 cost $5. adimission, can't remember which. Stop at the free one, beach is gorgeous. The bar on the beach has swings instead of barstools. Then continue driving south, and the road will turn left to the east, there is only 1 road around the island, can't get lost. My 19yr old son and I took turns driving the moped, and my 21yr old daughter and husband took turns driving. The east coat of cozumel is beautiful. There are a few little bars/food stops along the way and many photo opportunities. Take your backpack, and some bottled water along w/you. Once you hit the northernmost stop on the east coast, the road goes directly west, across the middle of the island and right back to town. You can opt to turn around and go back the way you came, or drive into town. The mopeds are lots of fun, but they only go about 35-40mph, so it takes some time to drive the island. Since this will be our third visit to the island, we are going w/a jeep, or vwbug, to speed driving time up. Check out this web site for more information: and click on cruise passengers, and cozumel for information. Hope this will help you out. I can't wait to be on sea again! Sorry this is so long.