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Disney doesn't really do anything "special" that other cruise lines don't do, to make it worth the extra cost. You're paying for the Disney brand and for the characters on board. One of the restaurants, Animator's Palate, was pretty neat though. The entire restaurant starts out all black and white, including the waiters' vests, and during the course of the meal, everything changes to color (the walls, paintings on the walls, and the waiters reverse their vests to color). It is really awesome. As for the food that they serve, we didn't really care for it, since we are "meat and potatoes" people. They had a french resturant (Lumiere's) that served french food, the adult only Palo's Italian restaurant, that served Italian meals that weren't to our liking, a Caribbean type restaurant and Animator's Palate, that served cavier and smoked salmon for appetizers. It was hard for us to find stuff to eat. Now, this was within the first few months of them setting sail, so I am guessing that things have improved, and they now offer more choices for those of us that don't like those kinds of foods.
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